Voor jou zou ik een bos doen groeien | Picturebook

This visual narrative is the most expansive book project I have realized to date: a 100 page attempt to communicate a straightforward narrative by visual rather than textual means.

Captivatingly beautiful, Ansgar Reul’s seemingly floating pictorial renditions enthral the reader while insinuating a double loss: the loss of a beloved person shadowed by the ever deepening loss of oneself. Throughout delicately drawn quests, and surreal encounters and memories, he blends warmly hued characters, motives, and structures into distinct compositions, complemented by but a handful of sparse sentences.

Stefanie Stegmann, Literaturhaus Stuttgart

The making of Voor jou zou ik een bos doen groeien was generously supported by the Flemish Literature Fund. In 2019 it was shortlisted for the Berthold Leibinger Foundation’s ‘Comicbuchpreis’.