Una Grande Bellezza


My first photography zine in close to six years, Una Grande Bellezza collects 32 photographs taken over a period of 18 months – in Brussels and Milan, on a trip to the Bretagne, while hiking in the Black Forest, etc.


Instead of revolving around one specific theme as regards content, the publication’s leitmotif is formal in nature, seeking out unusual textures, odd colour combinations, and chance compositions.

To guarantee the collection’s highly saturated look, all negatives were digitised and processed before printing.

Una Grande Bellezza is available from my online store.


Photo Journal #4 | Delirium New York


Delirium New York is the fourth and final instalment in a series of four xeroxed, black-and-white photo zines published sporadically over a period of two years.

This zine collects a series of photographs taken during a three week stay in New York City. Shot almost exclusively at night, I went looking for settings and scenes that are void of people, yet whose appearances presuppose a massive human presence.


Photo Journal #3 | Gents


Ever since Graffiti’s heyday, public bathrooms were one of the most notorious playgrounds for the graffiti’s smaller sibling, the tag. Several generations in, the writing on the bathroom wall still looks pretty great – and even better when blessed with equally artfully smeared surroundings. Hence this zine’s modest attempt to pay tribute to vandalism in one of its most honourable forms.


Photo Journal #2 | Skatepark Amsterdam


Though not much of a skateboarder myself, at one point I somehow wound up working at Skatepark Amsterdam for three years. Ever since, skate culture’s roots in, and, ideally, continuing allegiance to DIY culture have struck me as genuinely inspirational. Designed, built, and maintained almost single-handedly by Kale Mike (‘Bald Mike’), every single one of this Skatepark’s obstacles can serve as an example of that very attitude.


Photo Journal #1 | Ijmuiden


The bathing season had long ended when my friend Simon and I set out on a bicycle trip to the beaches of Ijmuiden, located some 30 kilometres to the west of Amsterdam. It was a crisp, sunny day, yet upon arrival we found the beach almost completely deserted. The usual signs of a bustling beach life were all but absent, yet all the noise that could be heard was that of eager waves washing up against the shore, and the screeches of seagulls withstanding the ferocious breeze.


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