In my studio, I store three medium-sized boxes filled with different kinds of paper: flyers, postcards, posters, torn-out magazine-pages, wrapping paper, paperback book-covers, print-dummies, etc. They vary in thickness and grain, and are different colours and shades.


I started this potpourri of a collection some six years before I first sat down to lay out a series of playful collages putting the various papers’ qualities to use. The more interesting results are collected in Play.

Both Play and a set of postcards featuring four of my favourite compositions can all be purchased from my online store.


Composition 1 + 2


At art school, I attended a class vaguely modelled after the famous preliminary course of the Bauhaus: in examining different materials and techniques, the seminar aimed to stimulate an appreciation of the various elements that ‘make’ any physical artwork. On a more practical level, this objective was advanced by way of assignments demanding an experimental examination of various artistic practices.

While just about all of the artwork I made that year falls in the unfit-for-release category, I think these two pieces turned out pretty well. And: they can both be purchased from my online store.


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